The internal hook-up wire used inside most amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and even loudspeakers is used for convenience and economy, not absolute sound quality. Silver Audio now offers ultra-premium, PFA insulated, Quad-Litz solid silver wiring to hobbyists and manufacturers alike. The wire is sold as four individually insulated solid silver conductors twisted tightly into a “star quad” configuration with a planetary machine. If desired, the bundle can be easily un-twisted to make two twisted pairs or four single lengths of wire. We recommend simply running the entire bundle as one polarity for a generous taste of true silver-litz luxury! Price is $16.00 per foot (a four conductor bundle). No minimum order required. Please inquire for more information.

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The Silver Shot™ is simply a 5-inch twist of our pure silver speaker cable conductors silver-brazed into our custom silver plated Cardas™ spade ends for a low resistance/high performance bridge for your speaker terminals. Use of shorting straps at the speaker end is the sensible alternative to bi-wiring by splitting one speaker cable run into two. Bi-wire capable loudspeakers were originally intended for Bi-Amping which somehow lead to the pointless and pervasive practice of splitting one speaker cable's conductor compliment in half (thus increasing the series resistance of each run) in an attempt to "reduce driver interaction".

$185.00 / set of four.

Add $25.00 for Cardas 9mm Spades.