Silver Audio's most highly revered interconnect design. Thoroughly developed, articulate bass, effortless transients and unsurpassed illumination of the mid to extreme upper octaves make Appassionata a true reference cable in every sense of the word. Our thin conductor concept is taken to its practical limit by weaving eight micro-fine, Silver Silkô conductors around a pTFE air core. Micro-thin conductors drive self-inductance, the origin of the distortion inducing skin effect down to the lowest feasible value while ensuring an incredibly low capacitance for an eight conductor cable! The visually

captivating geometry of this design is visible under clear mesh, uses a special grade of virgin Fluoropolymer, and utilizes thin air as the primary dielectric for the most uncolored presentation of any audio cable. Appassionata's exquisite resolution and tonal honesty mandates use only with exceptionally high quality audio systems. RCA termination uses the stellar WBT NextGen 0110AG solid silver RCA connector. Appassionata is also available in a balanced, XLR terminated version which allows the same compliment of "four plus four" Silver Silkô signal conductors to symmetrically cross each other for optimal common mode noise rejection and immunity to mutual inductance.

WBT 0110ag RCA: $990.00/1 meter pair, $660.00/0.5 meter pair.
XLR/Balanced: $910.00/1 meter pair, $660.00/0.5 meter pair.

Shunt capacitance 55pf/1khz/meter single-ended, 35-55pF Balanced.
Series inductance <100nH/1kHz/meter