Offering perhaps the highest return in high end audio's performance/price ratio the Silver Bullets 4.0s are no budget compromise and have been the cable of choice for many extremely expensive systems. Even our entry level cable uses all the finest materials as found in our most expensive models. The Silver Bullets 4.0s launched us as a company in early 1997 (then D Lin Audio) with a deceptively simple, double balanced, four-conductor design (eight per pair). The Silver Bullets introduce the discriminating audio purist to the benefits afforded by the use of double runs of our fine-gauge, pure, hard tempered, solid silver pTFE (Fluoropolymer-class) insulated conductors in a precise, symmetrical, field-controlling design that cannot be matched by any "handmade" braided cable. With tuneful, articulate bass, a slightly forward midrange and a somewhat relaxed, "silky" response in the extreme upper octaves, the 4.0s are truly a music lover's cable. Terminated with the latest WBT 0114 RCA.

$415.00/meter pair, $365.00/0.5meter pair. Inquire for other length pricing.

Shunt capacitance: ~35pf/1khz/meter

Series inductance: <150nH/1khz/meter



“The Silver Audio Hyacinth sounds uncannily liquid and buttery smooth in my reference system... What the listener needs to keep in mind is that this cable holds its own against the very best out there at a mere fraction of the cost…I strongly urge any audiophile looking for an upgrade to seek out an audition of this under exposed high-end over-achiever”

Gregory Kongo:p>

Planet Hi-Fi

March/April 2000


“…every configuration I tried with the Hyacinth resulted in an audio improvement. This was reflected by an increase in soundstage depth, fine detail, and sonic transparency…I couldn’t recommend these cables any higher”

Michael James

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

August 2001


First revealed at CES 2000, Silver Audio’s Hyacinth™ introduces design motifs of our Jetstream™ and Appassionata™ at a much lower price and was originally intended to replace the venerable Silver Bullets 4.0s in our product line.   However, with sales of the Hyacinth and Silver Bullets still roughly equal to each other,  Silver Audio will simply continue to offer both and let minor system matching considerations dictate a choice between two similarly priced, equally high quality, solid silver cables.


While the Silver Bullets require fairly thick wall insulation to create appropriate conductor spacing, the Hyacinth instead uses a very thin, central Fluoropolymer air core which in turn allows a mere micro-thin Fluoropolymer coating over each of its eight wires instead.   Thus steeper angles and predominantly thin air as the dielectric between opposite polarities contribute to the Hyacinths  faster, more extended  and transparent overall character than the Silver Bullets, which have a somewhat “softer” top octave response and slightly more “forward” midrange. 


Conceptually, the Hyacinth has a bit in common with a very revealing, zero feedback type amplifier as it runs “wide open” in a minimalist design that is optimized for maximal sensitivity to micro-detail.  The ability to track the most minute signal voltages contributes to the coveted “startle factor”, which is a function of exceptional harmonic and spatial accuracy.  In the context of a well chosen, musically satisfying system, the Hyacinth renders of a degree of grainless clarity and tonal accuracy that is simply unmatched by any other cable in it’s price range and by many far more expensive ones as well.  


NOTE: Though it has very effective strain-relief inside its connectors, the Hyacinth’s exceptionally “signal friendly” design does make for a more physically delicate cable compared to typical rubber jacketed, solid insulation type cables.   Therefore, the Hyacinth is not recommended for any application requiring bending at sharp angles or exceptional resistance to crushing and abrasion.   If in doubt, please consult Silver Audio directly for advice prior to ordering.


*Topline solderless WBT 0108 RCA option highly recommended for maximal signal transparency.


Standard RCA (WBT™ 0147, private stock lead-free milspec solder): $300.00/1m pair, $250.00/0.5m pair
$75.00 additional half meter length (pair). 

Balanced (silver plated Neutrik™ XLR): Add $10.00.

*Topline WBT 0108 Solderless RCA option add $110.00 (four connectors). 

Back in production! The Silver Bullets 6.0s pick up where the Silver Bullets 4.0 leave off with 4 additional conductors per pair and are exceptionally well suited for XLR-balanced termination. Some customers prefer the additional wire mass for RCA termination which is accompanied by a slight increase in capacitance, both of which can make for a somewhat denser, richer sounding presentation. RCA or XLR termination same price.

$515.00/1.0 meter pair, $465.00/0.5 meter pair.

Shunt capacitance approximately 48pf/meter/1khz

Jetstream.complete.jpg (32801 bytes)

Silver Audio's Jet Stream™ tops out the baseline series with maximal tonal honesty, dynamic authority and top-to-bottom coherence.

Based on the design of the Hyacinth™, our ultra-thin layer dielectric extrusion allows the Jet Stream to use t wice the number of individually insulated conductors as the Hyacinth, yet still maintain the same very low capacitance. The Jet Stream's design further drives down both self inductance and DCR while offering greater immunity to inductively coupled interference through its more sophisticated geometry. While the Hyacinth employed a rigid FEP (a type of Fluoropolymer) air core, the core material of the Jet Stream consists of a custom manufactured air-expanded Fluoropolymer-class polymer, which due to its more compliant nature, offers exceptional resistance to mechanically induced voltage effects and exceedingly low dielectric absorption at the same time.

Expensive enough to require virtually nothing in the way of compromise, yet still within the reach of most serious audio enthusiasts, the Jet Stream™ graces high end systems world-wide from Athens to Hong Kong.

WBT 0110AG RCA: $680.00/meter pair $505.00/0.5meter
Balanced/XLR: $600.00/1.0meter pair, $425.00/0.5meter pair