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Since 1996, Silver Audio has continually re-invested its own assets towards one very important goal: To gain complete control over every aspect of our cable manufacture from the inside out. All our signal cables are 100% custom manufactured and from our own exclusive source of high purity silver ingot and virgin (non-recycled) PFA/FEP (Fluoropolymer type) dielectric materials. We do not "shop" for our materials from different vendors from one manufacturing run to the next. Thus absolute consistency and superior quality is always assured with Silver Audio.


Buying Silver Audio's cables used?
Watch out!

A number of our very oldest and outdated cable models circulate continually on the used market, especially Audiogon and frequently with re-terminations not performed by Silver Audio result in severely compromised performance due to incorrect connector brands or models, failed strain relief, incorrect wire polarity assignments and especially; defective soldering. Silver Audio will not repair or support ANY Silver Audio cable that was altered by other than Silver Audio. Silver Audio will also not assist in the purchase of used Silver Audio cables e.g. rendering an opinion on the authenticity or condition of a used cable. The presence of a Chinese character on the label ("listen") will date the cable to Circa 1997-98 just after our transition from DLin Audio to Silver Audio. Silver Audio cables are and always have been manufactured in the United States.

Max J. Kreifeldt
Owner, Silver Audio

All conductors for our signal cables are drawn and co-extruded in our strictly Medical Grade, ASTM, ISO certified U.S. facility under the highest quality and tolerance standards in the world. Our signal wire is drawn through meticulously maintained diamond dies (as opposed to the more typical polished metal type) which when combined with a proprietary flushing process and no less than 7 tempering steps produces a perfectly smooth surface and dense, highly ordered crystal structure throughout the wire. Our method of drawing wire prevents the formation of microscopic air pockets, lateral fissures and other varying resistance artifacts to assure stable, predictable DC resistance and eddy current behavior. Our signal wire can also well tolerate repeated bending and twisting without forming creeping stress fractures thus Silver Audio cables are ready for top performance not only from the first moment of service but indefinitely into the future.

Using one-of-kind extrusion technology, Silver Audio can produce fine gauge, solid core silver wire with the thinnest layer Fluoropolymer type insulations in the world; an enviable capability that can yield a wall thickness of less than 0.001 inch. Combining this feature with cutting edge, high performance conductor geometries and the unmatched dielectric properties of FEP and PFA polymers greatly reduces capacitance-related "signal ghost" anomalies inherent to all dielectrics and more common cable designs. Our thin-layer extrusion prevents heat-induced partial annealing of the wire and is 1000 volt spark tested to eliminate any possibility for micro-arching and also reduces break-in time. Perhaps most importantly; micro-thin wall insulation is an absolutely essential requirement to form Silver Audio's advanced geometries such as those used for the Hyacinth™, Jetstream™, Appassionata™, Silver Symphony™ and Hyaline™. This powerful capability ultimately gives Silver Audio the security and prestige that comes from a product line that cannot be imitated by any other company.

Silver Audio offers as OEM material, subject to restrictions, our silver wire drawn to any gauge and temper, insulated with any Fluoropolymer-family insulation including FEP, PFA and Fluoropolymer AF in virtually any wall thickness.

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