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Silver Audio's Eroica represents the high end's greatest value in heavy gauge, pure solid core silver speaker cables. A bold new concept in speaker cable design for Silver Audio borrows its inspired name from Beethoven's famous symphony written during a period of dramatic stylistic change for the composer and society at the time. The challenge was to approach the Silver Symphony's impressively low RLC specs at the lowest price possible which ultimately required a different design approach. The Eroica's side-by-side conductor array differs substantially from other in-line designs by providing heavy aggregate gauge without high capacitance or uncontrolled inductance. This was accomplished with a combination of asymmetrical conductor shapes and counter rotating geometry working in tandem to allow only a controlled portion of the conductors to "talk" to each other. Eroica of course comes standard with Silver Audio's solderless HPF termination for maximum transparency and long term metallurgic integrity. The Eroica is an exceptionally versatile design that easily handles the full range of amplifier and loudspeaker combinations. Everything from fussy highly capacitive electrostatic speakers to demanding low impedance muscle speakers respond with the winning combination intimacy and authority Silver Audio is famous for.

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