Silver Audio’s revolutionary Hush-Linear™ signal cable brings the peerless performance of Silver Audio’s exotic, solid silver cable line into an exciting new format designed for all critical audio applications that require or desire a fully shielded cable. As a fully shielded yet extremely low capacitance, solid silver, yet low-priced signal cable terminated with solid silver connectors, the Hush-Linear offers a staggering degree of performance, innovation, quality and value!    

Design Notes

Despite its very modest price, only pure solid core silver is used through out and absolutely no compromise in material quality is to be found anywhere.  Based on the venerable coaxial cable design, the workhorse of the broadcast industry, the Hush-Linear™ unleashes a wealth of performance and versatility from a time-honored design.  By “thinking outside the box”, the thick rubber or PVC jacket used on commercial versions of this cable type has been omitted leaving quite a bit of room to extend the internal dielectric insulation outward, thus pushing the shield substantially further away from the signal core of the cable while still ending up with a conventional diameter cable.
This simple trick in conjunction with low density Fluoropolymer
based dielectric material drops capacitance against the shield by an easy 40-60% and more compared with most any other shielded cable and yields a mere 48 pF per meter terminated!  In further contrast to the commercial version of the coaxial design, even the signal return also uses a dedicated solid silver conductor rather then loose, stranded wire.  Undesirable field effects between the often noise laden ground line and sensitive inner signal conductor are discouraged by unusually wide separation in space, and a slowly rotating “Z lay” of the signal return/ground conductor.  Most other cables in this price range resort to low cost, inferior alternatives to Fluoropolymer insulation.  Here as well, the Hush Linear thoroughly eclipses its competition using a superb, custom formulated hybrid dielectric similar to one known under the trade name “Tefzel”.  This outstanding dielectric has been optimized for thick wall extrusion and marries the best qualities of the two most highly regarded high-end dielectrics; Fluoropolymer and Polyethylene to yield a compound with the compliance and very low extrusion temperature (which prevents partial annealing of our high density wire) of linear low density Polyethylene with the unmatched dielectric properties of Fluoropolymer. The Hush Linear is too large to accommodate our standard WBT™ midline 0147 connector therefore standard termination employs the innovative new silver Bullet Plug®  from Eichmann Technologies of Australia. This interesting connector is a clean, simple design featuring solid fine silver contact terminals thus making the Hush Linear 100% solid silver from tip to tip!  Though the contribution of capacitance by any RCA connector is small, the Bullet Plug® none-the-less boasts the lowest capacitance of any RCA connector and ensures the Hush-Linear will be the only choice for all exceptionally capacitance-sensitive applications where every picofarad counts.  


The Hush-Linear 2.0 is RCA-terminated only and offers especially potent single-ended performance in long cable runs, and the increasingly popular passive preamplifier, both of which typically necessitate the paradoxical requirements that the output cable be both shielded AND very low capacitance.  A similar problem also arises when a source with unusually high output impedance drives a load with unusually low input impedance, which can force the interconnecting cable to behave as an antenna for noise thus mandating a fully shielded cable.  Complex, cost-sensitive Home Theater applications no longer have to resign themselves to universally inferior stranded copper-type cables with mediocre sound quality and finite life spans.  And of course, for the audiophile who simply does not subscribe to the arguments for the unshielded audio cable design, the Hush Linear offers performance to rival ANY shielded solid silver cable and at a price low enough to run several meters of Hush-Linear for a total capacitance and price equal to or less than a mere single meter of any other shielded, all-silver cable brand in the world!  

A thorough investigation of features offered by any other cable anywhere near its price indisputably ranks the Hush-Linear at the absolute zenith of its price point. The design and material selection of the Hush-Linear 2.0 assures an easily affordable and versatile solid silver cable with the sensitivity, clarity, refinement and overall musical accuracy Silver Audio’s cables are famous for, but with no restrictions in maximum length or use with idiosyncratic, noise-prone equipment combinations. 


Base price per terminated pair: $250.00/1m pair, $200.00/0.5m pair

Topline WBT 0108 solderless RCA connector option adds $90.00.