For the audio perfectionist who prefers their loudspeaker bi-wired *, there is no bi-wire speaker cable more transparent than the Hyaline. The concept of the Hyaline sounds obvious, but in today’s jungle of eccentric cable designs, it is in fact refreshingly down to earth. The idea is to simply allow the loudspeaker to sound and perform the way the designer intended, and NOT the way the cable MAKES it sound. While most other cable companies are content to simply double two runs of a generic design together or worse, split one in half internally for a “bi-wire ready” cable, Silver Audio took a much closer look at the unique dynamics of a bi-wire application to come up with a truly effective design. For the Hyaline, we tune the L/C ratio of two separate runs of cable to best match the very different reactive profiles of the high and low pass portions of the cross-over respectively. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of a bi-wire termination enables the Hyaline to have an exceptionally minimal modifying effect on the cross-over design. The design of course allows the strong back EMF’s originating from the woofer to return only through the low pass portion of the cable and thus be physically and electrically separated from the high-pass run. This greatly reduces inductive coupling to the critical high-pass portion of the cable and is arguably the primary justification for bi-wiring.

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* Not all bi-wire capable loudspeakers will benefit from bi-wiring.