www.triplanar.com Our favorite tone arm is a genuine work of art, as well as a superbly engineered product.  

www.odeumguitarduo.com  Easily the finest classical guitar duo bar none.  Highly recommended by Acoustic Guitar and Fanfare magazine.  Clean, natural, uncluttered recordings and ravishing, sensitive, authentic Spanish classical technique and musicianship.

 www.bentaudio.com  Bent Audio’s passive, transformer preamp offers all the zero noise clarity of the very finest resistor-based passive attenuation AND preserves all the dynamics and bass energy of an active preamp.  Silver Audio’s favorite attenuator/preamp period!

www.Manleylabs.com   Amplifiers with guts and glory and soul! Manley’s 300B NeoClassic is Silver Audio’s favorite 300B amplifier.

www.atma-sphere.com  The fastest, cleanest, purest, most transparent amplifiers in the world!

www.Birdland.com  Silver Audio’s favorite low-priced DAC with rich, natural, very musical sound. Designed by Gilles Gamero, one of our most talented and knowledgeable audio innovators, and a very gifted musician.

www.coincidentspeaker.com  Silver Audio’s ONLY choice for loudspeakers especially for any and all vacuum tube amplifiers!

http://www.audionote.co.uk  Manufacturers of Silver Audio’s reference DAC. Vivid clarity, and stunning naturalness from one of High End’s most controversial designs!  100% left brain rapture; how can something this contrary to modern digital dogma sound so utterly right and wonderful?