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From Audio Musings journal, Issue 4, 1998
Silver Breeze™ reviewed May 2000 Stereophile magazine:

"... every configuration I tried with the Hyacinth resulted in an audio improvement. This was reflected by an increase in soundstage depth, fine detail, and sonic transparency... The listener is immediately more aware of all the different instruments in a recording and their harmonic balance... I could not recommend these cables any higher."

- Michael James

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
August 2000

On the Silver Bullets 4.0s, Silver Symphony 48 combination:

"To save time, I inserted the D Lin interconnects and speaker cables in my system all at once. I immediately noticed a clear difference in sound, as if a layer of film had been lifted from the music. - The music also sounded less stressed, which is not easy to do in my already relaxed-sounding system."

- Victor Chavira

"My speakers delivered delicate, finely resolved, beautiful music. The difference was like putting on a new eyeglass prescription. - With the all D Lin [now Silver Audio] in my system, virtually everything was presented without harshness, grain, or excessive sibilance."

- Larry Cox

" ... Switching over to the D Lin's totally eliminated all this - the glare, the brightness, and crunching on dynamic peaks, was replaced by a clear, undistorted, harmonic correctness. - In the upper-mid and treble ranges, vocals were more textured and natural sounding, and more fleshed-out in the soundstage. There was more air and space around the performers, and the top end sounded smoother."

- Francisco Duran

On the Silver Bullets 6.0s/RCA:

"One of the most transparent and focused interconnects. From mid to highest frequency, the cable delivers every minute detail with a clear background. The bass is tight and quick. If it is used with a well balanced system, you will hear miraculous music which is hard to find in interconnects of different design."

- Translated from Audiophile Vol. 3 No. 35

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