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Symphony 48 has been redesigned from the inside out to incorporate internal oil-infused cotton damping and sacrificial field-soak systems. In addition, the end caps are now crafted from various exotic hardwoods in small batches at time. Each cable pair will be individually hand-labeled and one of a kind depending on particular stock of wood available at the time of production.


For most of us, the evolution of the high end audio experience is a journey down a road that leads further away from system-induced artificial colorations whether "euphonic" or not, and closer to a direct connection to the music itself. We eventually learn that emotion is stimulated by those transcendental moments of exceptionally inspired musical expression that are most accurately conveyed in playback. Genuine musical emotion is not "created" by compression, altered frequency response, blunted transient response, transformer saturation, phase distortion, low order harmonics, etc. Once at this stage of enlightenment and the basic component synergy of a true high-end audio system has been achieved, it is time for the final investment towards musical realism; Silver Audio's Silver Symphony™ loudspeaker cables.

True to Silver Audio's devotion to ultimate fidelity, every conceivable design parameter is thoroughly and sensibly optimized including capacitance, quality of capacitance, resistance, mutual inductance, self-inductance, termination resistance, phase accuracy, microphonics, and metallurgy. Extreme and eccentric designs that obsess over only one or two factors to the detriment of all others are eschewed in favor of one that emphasizes balance, synergy and sensibility. Therefore the Silver Symphony provides consistently superb performance with every loudspeaker and amplifier combination, and will never "clash" with any future equipment combination. The Silver Symphony will of course provide stable, top performance indefinitely into the future with airtight solid silver conductors immune to oxidative degradation and strain relieved, solder-less termination.

Design Notes

The Silver Symphony achieves its performance goals through what might be called a "marriage of brute force and finesse". There is no substitute for generous gauge in a loudspeaker cable, which must carry huge bursts of current in response to nearly instantaneous peak demands as many loudspeakers drop within a couple ohms of a dead short from one microsecond to the next. To this end the Silver Symphony 48 specs in at a massive 9 awg per polarity. Of course the Symphony is made with nature's finest conductor, our own custom tempered high-density pure solid core silver but this is only the starting point. The finesse comes from the lavish and expensive method of using many individually eTFE (a Fluoropolymer family dielectric) coated, fine gauge, solid silver conductors in parallel (the "ultra-litz" method) in a sophisticated geometry, rather than the all-too-common use of only two or four larger wires simply twisted together. (Many brands inadvertently reveal this shortcoming in magazine advertisements intended to offer a "sneak peek" of their internal design). Instead, dividing the signal into many fine gauge individually insulated wires drives self inductance down to vanishingly low levels and also enables the Symphony to really push the power of geometry and proximity to their full potential in diminishing capacitance and series inductance simultaneously. This crucial distinguishing characteristic elevates the Silver Symphony above all other speaker cables, even solid silver and of similar aggregate gauge, and results in a level of refinement and accuracy absolutely impossible with conventional specs.


The early predecessors of the modern Silver Symphony employed a low impedance design approach which resulted in a necessary high capacitance/low inductance configuration. Continued learning and experimenting over the years taught us that while this approach could produce good results, it was not versatile enough for every system and the ultimate solution was to disregard the controversial "impedance matching" notion and instead concentrate on driving down the individual voltage AND current components of impedance separately. This we feel is the true holy grail of audio cable design, and was not thought to be possible until Silver Audio discovered a winding and packing formula that results in a cable with inductance almost as low as the earliest Silver Symphony models (still about 1/10'th that of typical speaker cables) but easily 70% lower capacitance as well. The modern generation of Silver Symphony™ is largely invisible to both voltage and current effects which ensures that the speaker cable will not become an unintended and unwanted liability to the cross over design, and especially not an additional stressor to the amplifier itself!

Standard termination is with the solder-less HPF™ using 6.4mm(1/4") milled, solid copper spade made by Cardas Audio™ and modified with our own direct (no nickel sublayer) silver plating. In a few rare instances, it may be necessary to use the oversized 9mm spade. Be sure to verify spade size before ordering. We strongly discourage banana termination but they are available if requested for additional charge.

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Shunt Capacitance: ~180pf/8-foot length
Loop Inductance: ~300nH/8-foot length