Effective November 2008, the Wattmaster is being terminated with silver Wattgate 330iAg and 350iAG connectors.

Silver Audio's lavishly constructed WattMaster™ has been engineered to out-muscle AND out-finesse ANY after-market high-end power cord and at a phenomenally low price for a product of such extravagance.
For a no-holds-barred power cord serving power hungry amplifiers in particular, the necessary starting point is a maximal application of "brute force".  To this end, the Wattmaster employs a colossal 8 awg per leg, which when combined with several performance boosting innovations, represents a significant enough drop in DCR to enable a substantial increase in "kick" from the component it supplies.  Though we initially intended to employ silver-plated copper for the conductor material itself (something we would NEVER use for a signal cable however) we found all forms to be physically brittle, chemically unstable, and strangely, very prone to microphonic ringing when used in such a large total aggregate gauge.  Therefore, the WattMaster still adheres to our time honored principle of  "solid silver for signal, solid copper for power". To ensure the WattMaster will thoroughly eclipse the efforts of any other heavy gauge cable, none other than the premium gold plated Wattgate™ connectors are used in conjunction with interlaced solid silver compression helicoils to boost the drive of raw power into each conductor bundle at its termination points.  Heavy gauge, silver plated shielding is used throughout the inner layer of intra-shielding networks to maintain lowest possible transfer impedance to noise currents.   Overall shielding efficacy relies on a total of four shielding networks including the same external mu casing used in the Power Burst and ultimately renders the WattMaster with nearly complete immunity to the ingress and egress of ALL forms of EMI noise; both capacitive and inductive.  The interference field ameliorated by the WattMaster and Power Burst especially includes the significant 60 Hz field inherent to all AC power cords and which no other addresses in its design.   


The WattMaster™ is unconditionally guaranteed to be the standard against which all other after market power cords are compared and will provide a lifetime of incomparable performance.  The WattMaster can also be fitted with a 20 amp IEC connector and is very highly recommended for all such applications.

2 meter: $650.00
3 meter: $750.00


Power Burst 2T

First introduced in 1999, the original Power Burst enjoyed immediate success and has remained one of Silver Audio's best selling cables thanks to a level of performance and innovation at value pricing that seemed to many almost too good to be true. In 2005 the Power Burst introduced completely re-designed internal construction and updated appearance. Lessons learned from the success of the Wattmaster have since also graced the Power Burst 2 with a similar low impedance internal isolation concept working in conjunction with our mu metal shielding technology to bring its noise immunity, suppression and on demand burst power capability to a new level. Owing to their innovative use of ferromagnetic materials, the Wattmaster and Power Burst remain the only known power cables with immunity to both the egress and ingress of powerful low frequency EMI, (less than ~1000 cycles) against which conventional shielding is useless. Since there are no current limiting LC components used in either the Wattmaster or Power Burst, there is no reason to hesitate using either cable to or from any type of power conditioner. Despite its very heavy duty construction, the 12 awg Power Burst 2 is every bit as flexible and easy to manage as the original Power Burst, and thus especially welcome in applications where tight routing and limited space are an important factor in choosing after market power cords. Termination employs the outstanding Wattgate™ 320i IEC and 5266 plugs to ensure maximal power transfer into and out of the cable.



Digital data transmission has turned out to be problematic to say the least, with a Jitter-prone S/PDIF interface, and a protocol that does not provide for re-transmission of lost data. Then consider the pleadings of most manufacturers of outboard digital gear to keep cables as short as possible and one thing becomes clear: Only the finest 75 Ohm digital signal cable can assure accurate reproduction of digital sound.

The build quality of the Silver Stream™ simply towers over virtually any other 75 Ohm cable. Designed specifically for RF transmission, features include extensive layers of varying density virgin Fluoropolymer™ dielectrics, and a fine silver based center conductor in a solid three layer diamagnetic inner core composite for optimal support of the signal's electrostatic field. Another Fluoropolymer™ encased, silver helical secondary conductor assures true 75 Ohm compliance at all points while carbon-loaded damping materials and double foil shielding protect against mechanical and electrical interference.

Shielding of the Silver Stream maintains very low transfer impedance by using two spaced, 100% coverage, independent foil shielding networks; an outer mylar-backed aluminum one and inner silver foil shield. The Silver Stream is terminated with precision machined, RF grade Cardas™ RCA connectors using ultra-pure non-leaded silver solder and extensive surface fluxing. BNC termination also available for the same price. The Silver Stream is less flexible than normal cables, therefore please plan cable routing carefully before ordering or contact us for assistance.

$375.00/1 meter


Silver Audio's Singled-Ended to Balanced Adapter Cable (SE/BAC)

We've been doing this one for years as a custom order, and only recently decided to formally announce it when we realized just how unique our version of this cable is!

For a variety of reasons, it remains very common to have to drive balanced input amplifiers with single-ended pre-amplifiers. Many amplifiers that offer both inputs (RCA or XLR) are prone to producing background hum and raising the noise floor, when used in single ended mode (RCA). Many other balanced amplifiers simply eschew the option for RCA inputs all together. For either situation, the ideal solution (next to using a balanced pre-amplifier) is Silver Audio's hybrid single-ended to balanced adapter cable (SE/BAC) with RCA connectors at the sending end and XLR connectors at the receiving end. Silver Audio's adapter cable consists of a unique configuration of our acclaimed Silver Bullets 6.0s that allows the receiving component to properly reference signal ground, eliminating the potential for ground loops and thus negates the otherwise notorious XLR pin 1/3 dilemma.

Price same as Silver Bullets 6.0s, $300.00 per meter pair.

Silver Breeze™

Design Overview and History:
The extraordinary sensitivity of high end phono cartridges demands nothing less than the very finest phono cable. From its inception in late 1996 Silver Audio's Silver Breeze™ has been a breath of fresh air for analogue purists world-wide. The Breeze was designed to be more than just the most accurate phono lead in the world. The concept was the cable would also function as a much needed master grounding system for the entire path from cartridge to input stage. Though the basic design concept of the Breeze remained relatively unchanged over the years, the shielding system has recently been redesigned to improve its anti-microphonic properties. The current iteration of the Silver Breeze™ can be identified by a blue-metallic body (pictured).

The outstanding performance of the Silver Breeze™ is a tribute to both its extravagant signal core design and its elaborate shielding system. Much of the noise that plagues high gain phono equipment can be inductive in nature against which typical shielding is powerless. The Silver Breeze™ employs a proprietary method of shielding electro-magnetic interference as well typical capacitively coupled noise i.e. RFI and ESI. This crucial feature of the Silver Breeze™ assures the purity of the most delicate signal voltages conveyed by its air-gapped, solid core, pure silver litz signal network. For the ultimate in sonic purity the bomb-proof, 100% coverage, low impedance shielding system is completely independent of signal ground and shunts directly to chassis ground. This prevents signal ground from being modulated by external interference while ensuring all shield-grounds from cartridge to chassis go directly to ground and at one potential only.

Balanced Configuration:
The Silver Breeze™ is also ideal for true balanced* configuration with XLR termination by virtue of its 100% independent shielding and internal litz symmetry. However, it is very important to verify a phono preamp providing XLR inputs does in fact employ balanced (differential) inputs. Unfortunately, the presence of XLR inputs is not a guarantee of actual balanced inputs. Silver Audio can provide assistance verifying this information.

Termination Considerations:
The Silver Breeze™ is generally made to order due to the variety of special considerations regarding clearance and terminations.
Right Angle DIN Examples
(If ordering Right Angle
DIN click here
before ordering)
Unless otherwise specified, standard termination is roughly a 6 inch breakout from the main, thicker body of the cable, to the DIN plug. The LINN brand turntable in particular requires a longer than normal breakout from the main body of the cable to the DIN plug. The breakout portion is very thin, extremely flexible and of course, fully shielded. The DIN plug is normally oriented with the gap in the semi circle of pins facing the point at which cable meets the connector. If requested, the gap in the pin body can be set 90 degrees to the either side. The Breeze uses the 5 pin gold plated Cardas DIN. The WBT Topline 0108 RCA connector is being phased out by WBT and is available only as special order while stock is still available. Standard termination is now with the stellar WBT NextGen™ Solid Silver RCA. The Breeze is also available RCA to RCA for an additional $75.00 fee and right angle DIN for $30.00 additional.

* The term "True Balanced" should not have to be used in high end audio. A cable or input stage is either balanced or it is single ended, period. Silver Audio finds it necessary to use the term to emphasize that a cable or input stage with XLR connectors is not serving merely as an adaptor between a balanced and unbalanced component, something manufacturers of said equipment tend not to explain in plain English. It is also important not to confuse a balanced input stage with an amplifier whose entire circuit is balanced by design. The former is all that is necessary to use a balanced source and cable to its fullest potential.

"For shear almost "electrostatic" purity, the clear winner was the aptly named "Silver Breeze". (In a phono cable shoot-out in Michael's Analogue corner)
Michael Freemer
Stereophile Magazine
May 2000 issue

"The Silver Breeze™ was a model of clarity, transparency and resolution, terms that were scribbled liberally throughout my listening notes.low-level details which are critical to providing a convincing sense of the recorded acoustic, were resolved in breathtaking fashion by the Silver Breeze.Silver Audio's Max Kreifeldt is clearly emerging as one of the brightest lights on the High-end cable scene. His latest offering [the Silver Breeze] is a considerable achievement, made all the more so by its more than reasonable price"
Andrew Chasen
February 1997


If ordering Right Angle DIN click here before ordering.

1.2 meter Straight Cardas DIN to RCA $760.00
1.2 meter Right Angle Cardas DIN to RCA $790.00
1.2 meter RCA-RCA $870.00
1.2 meter XLR-RCA $760.00
1.2 meter Straight DIN-XLR $760.00
1.2 meter Right angle DIN-XLR $790.00