Topline West German WBT™ 0108 RCA Connector Option

Silver Audio takes great care to ensure the lowest loss solder connection possible in all our cables by using the highest quality materials, advanced techniques and extensive surface preparation. However, any solder produces an inevitable barrier of transition resistance arising from the relatively inferior conductivity of the lower melting point solder metals. Unfortunately, no soldered connection can compete with a "cold-welded" solder-less connection for ultimate preservation of signal purity.

Silver Audio is therefore thrilled to offer the solder-less, TopLine WBT locking RCA connector as an option for the 4.0s and 6.0s. WBT is universally regarded as the Rolls Royce of Audio connectors and their model 0108 represents the top of their line. This cost-no-object connector features the most powerful locking mechanism in the business and is precision machined in West Germany to exacting tolerances of < 2/100 mm! The base metal is an extremely conductive, proprietary alloy based on over 99.996% pure copper. The connector is then further modified exclusively for Silver Audio with the same superb, pure silver plating and anti-oxidant surface treatment used for our standard connectors. A high-pressure crimp/torque termination method fuses our solid core pure Silver conductors directly into the surface of the connector in an airtight, zero loss connection. Eliminating solder connections results in a slight perceived increase in energy from the upper midrange to the extreme upper octaves.

Quite simply, the Topline WBT option is for those who appreciate the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from owning a product, which could not possibly be made to any higher standard.

The TopLine WBT option is standard on the Appassionata, and offered for an additional $90.00 per cable pair (four connectors) regardless of length or whether it is used on the Silver Bullets 4.0s or 6.0s.